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St. Paul Catholic School library with wall-to-wall bookshelves and tables and chairs in the middle.

Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name of Educator Class Webpage
Mrs. J. Rose Kindergarten
Mrs. J. Oliver Kindergarten
Ms. C. Woods Kindergarten
Mrs. P. Whitlock Grade 1
Mrs. L. Canning 

Grade 1/2

Mrs. R. O'Kane Grade 2
Mrs. S. Marshall Grade 2/3
Mrs. L. Debyl Grade 3/4
Mrs. S. Presti Grade 4
Mrs. M. McBride Grade 5
Mr. M. Long

Grade 5/6

Mrs. R. Dufresne Grade 6
Mr. D. Nevins  Grade 7/8

Mr. W. Joly

Grade 8

Mrs. C. McInerney
Mrs. M. Korkmaz

French Teachers 

Mrs. A. Dobson
Mrs. L. Jones 
Mrs. D. Risorto-Piraino
Ms. S. Plitz
Educational Assistants 

Mrs. A. Gormley
Mrs. S. Schaufler-Biback

Early Childhood Educators - Full Day Kindergarten

Mrs. Cameron
Mr. Roney

Educational Assistants
Mrs. S. Pacheco
Mrs. M. Marshall
Curriculum Coverage

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